Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Changing Fall Goals

I hate to say this, but fall is just around the corner and so are all of those PRs that so many of you will attain from running in this dreadfully humid summer weather.  I had last wrote in my What I Learned from Inside Tracker post that I had planned on a winter marathon.  I have indeed spent a lot of time reading up on great races that take place during the months of January and February. I spent time texting friends about what I was thinking about doing just to get their feedback on my various plans. When all is said and done, what it really comes down to is that while I was looking forward to the structure and routine that comes with training, my body and mind are not ready for 5 months of marathon training. I've had a super low key running/working out summer and while I do want to get one more of a routine I don't want to be THAT strict. Not yet, anyway.

So after talking with a friend and then my husband I realized that I need to change my fall goals and focus on enjoying my runs, running some half marathons and trying out some new workouts and I'm excited! Much more excited than I was when thinking about training for a marathon and that tells me a lot! My heart just isn't in it. I'm in love with running, it's a part of me and who I am and sometimes I just need to take a step back and let it all fall into place. I'm so excited for what fall has to offer and what races, if any, I get myself into!

At the end of the day you should feel at peace with your decisions!

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